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Book 1: "Creative Dexterity, 

Agility Adventures." 

Begin the Adventure with an introduction to dexterity and creativity while learning cause-and-effect.

Includes these pages: 

Tall, Tall, TALL!

Peek-a-Boo Bear!

Doggone Cute!

Book 2: "Imagination


Continue the progression of skills and imagination with puzzle dump trucks and sand castle buckets.


Includes these pages: 

Beachy Keen!

Dump Truck!

Zipper Plane!

Book 4: "Wearables and


Learning to be independent is always fun with tying shoes and buckling backpacks.


Includes these pages: 

Pack It In! 

Left Foot, Right Foot! 


Book 5: "Strands and Hands!" 

Bump up the dexterity skills by learning how to braid and weave.


Includes these pages: 




The MyWuka Learning Adventure Books

Complete Set!

Includes all pages listed above: 

Book 3: "Button Busting, Productive Pairing!"  

Begin color recognition and various fasteners while putting on pants and matching button bees.


Includes these pages: 

Buzzy Bee!

Picture Frame!


Book 6: "Dynamic Scholastics!"

IStart learning letter and number recognition with cupcake sprinkles and matching mustaches.


Includes these pages: 




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Awarded The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval and a U.S. Patent. 

Each MyWuka! book contains three 9.5” x 9.5” child-safe, multi-action, activity pages expertly made from the highest quality fabric and materials. This amazing soft-tech book set contains 18 pages of critical, progressive learning and skill building.