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Batteries Not Required!

MyWuka Learning Adventure Books are touch-able,

hug-able and love-able living books powered by your

child's own curiosity and imagination! 

Learning and Skill Building Comes to 3D Life!
By the time your child reaches kindergarten they should be up to the challenges of zippers, buttons, clasps and tying shoes - these are learned skills that they need to start practicing now. A digital App cannot do that - but Wuka can! Five interactive books - endless learning adventures!  
Prime your 3-5 year old with the skills they need to succeed!
The National 
Center's Seal of Approval
and a
U.S. Patent. 

Discover the

Wonderful World of MyWuka Learning Adventure Books!

Hey Mom & Dad - did you know?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: 

• Up to 3 years : NO smartphones,

NO tablets, NO desktops

• 3-5 years of age: Digital use restricted to ONE HOUR PER DAY.

“Unlimited device use is flirting with developmental danger.” 

Dr. Timothy Doran, Pediatrician,

Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Awarded The National Parenting Center's
Seal of Approval and a U.S. Patent. 

Child Development 101: Crucial skills come from physically engaging the world in three dimensions. Problem is, with the rampant use of digital devices by children, other than their thumbs, kids are not using their hands - meaning critical sensory development is not being properly developed.   
Experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly warn that digital devices are dangerous to your child's development! ( read more here
Instead choose MyWuka - Five interactive, SoftTec™
books that increase your 3-5 year old child's skills and social development while providing hours of quiet time fun!
PLEASE NOTE: Actual book pages may vary depending on season, edition and inventory. 

Five books interactive books - endless learning adventures! 

Prime your 3-5 year old with the skills they need to succeed!